CoinDada 能做什麼?

What can CoinDada do?

CoinDada 致力於成為新手學習虛擬貨幣知識的第一站,為所有虛擬貨幣新手提供簡單易懂的教學內容,讓更多人認識區塊鏈、了解區塊鏈、愛上區塊鏈。我們隨時歡迎和各大交易所、幣種項目方及其他幣圈相關團隊合作。

CoinDada is committed to being the first stop for beginners to learn about cryptocurrency. We provide simple and easy-to-understand educational content for all cryptocurrency beginners, allowing more people to become familiar with blockchain, understand blockchain, and fall in love with blockchain. We are always open to collaborating with crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency projects, and other teams in the crypto industry.

無論您的目標是提高品牌知名度、推廣新產品或服務,還是吸引更多目標用戶,CoinDada 都能為您提供合適的合作方式。現在就與我們聯繫,共同打造成功的廣告策略,讓您的品牌在幣圈獲得更大的影響力。

Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness, promote new products or services, or attract more active users, CoinDada can provide suitable collaboration options. Contact us now to create a successful advertising strategy and enhance your brand's impact in the crypto community.


Services provided

1. 幣圈活動日曆

Crypto Event Calendar

CoinDada 是華語幣圈第一個區塊鏈活動日曆網站:集合每日幣圈的各類活動:AMA、Twitter Spaces、線下活動、新項目上線、技術更新、合作發布等,讓大家能一目了然每日幣圈的最新動態。


CoinDada is the first blockchain event calendar website in the Chinese cryptocurrency community. It gathers various types of events happening in the crypto world on a daily basis, including AMAs, Twitter Spaces, offline events, project launches, technical updates, and collaboration announcements. It allows everyone to easily stay updated on the latest happenings in the crypto community.

Pinned Event: Feature your event at the top of the website's homepage.

2. 幣圈內容行銷

Crypto Content Marketing

CoinDada 的文章內容分為以下幾個部分:

  • 虛擬貨幣交易所介紹
  • 幣種介紹
  • 幣圈常見概念介紹
  • 幣圈人物介紹
  • 幣圈公司介紹
  • 幣圈英文教學


CoinDada's article content is divided into the following sections:

  • Crypto Exchanges Introduction
  • Cryptocurrency Introduction
  • Crypto Terms Explaination
  • Famous Faces in Crypto Industry
  • Crypto Company Introduction
  • Crypto English Courses

Sponsored Articles: Collaboration opportunities available for all the above article categories.

3. 網站廣告

Web Banner Ads

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